I Had To Look Back

I had to look back...
To when I first notice you,
I liked the way you only wanted me with you.
To hear you talk about our future,
I couldn't wait how long we had to get there.
We could have made it to the battles,
When you asked, 'how about a child? '
I just thought could we handle it?
I missed the whole idea of us together,
It made me believe that there is a forever.
The day you told me that you love me,
Was the day my heart belonged to you.
I hate we're apart, it just tore my heart apart.
I remember you saying we'll run away on graduation night,
But I never thought we'll break up at our next fight.
Hearing every bad word you called me,
Was like love turned it's back on me.
I still loved you,
But now we grew apart,
Love never touched our heart again.
I still want you back,
For some reason I had to look back...

by Alexandria Angel

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an emotion well versed and with such strong desire, great write.