DG (2/27/94 / mexico)

I Hate

I hate it
when you can make me smile
and you can make
me mad even from a mile.

I hate it when
you think every thing's alright
and everything goes back to normal
when you're not in sight.

i hate it when
you lie.
and when you think i won't find out
and every thing's going to be alright.

i hate that you can't
be honest with me,
instead you lie
and let yourself be.

I hate it when
you see different faces,
and you always run off
to different places.

I hate it when
you ignore me
and act like you
can't be seen.

I hate it when
you can be nice
but when you with your friends
you have a different side.

I hate that
i hate you
because deep inside
i know it's not really true.

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interesting to know as when one hates, well penned,10/10, thanks for sharing