JJ (October 8,1987 / Kendallville, Transyllvania)

I Hate

What to say....
What do I do?
I can't keep these emotions at bay-
All I think of is you.

My heart, it aches,
The pain is so strong.
It feels like all it does is break.
This is so wrong!

I hate that I can't move on,
I hate it how my heart refuses to love no other.
I hate that I'm not more strong,
If only these feelings I could smother!

I'm so confused.
I hate what I feel.
I hate being used.
I hate it that now sometimes death can have its appeal.

I hate the sympathetic glances people give me.
I hate not having my feelings straight.
I hate it that from your grasp I'm not totally free.
I despise that it is you I cannot hate.

Why won't the momory of your touch fade?
What's wrong with me?
Why won't my heart just see:
I wasn't meant for you,
Nor were you meant for me.

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thank you. why would you cry though it's not that sad.... oh and this is REALLY good!