I Hate Doors

Poem By Leslie Alexis

She stands by the door,
She, my beautiful wife,
stands there with love,
waiting for the word, waiting to open-
the house
as she did her heart.

She has such a big heart-
Loving me- even as she moves her hands towards the door.
Yet, she ponders on letting me into the house.
It's just a wish, in reality, she's not my wife.
I've been requesting, to the thought of us, she would slowly open-
Or give-in. She is my love.

What won't I do for love?
She has stolen my heart.
I wonder why she is taking so long to open
the door?
Oh my wife, beautiful wife
Trust me, love me, and let me into your house.

She has a lovely house.
She built it as she does everything - with love.
Oh, she must be my wife.
Slowly it may be, but surely, I will have her heart.
I love her from outside- behind the door.
Oh, my wife please open, open-

to me. When will she trust me - when will she love me - when will she open-
Her house-
open her door
so as to love?
When would her heart
See that- Yes, I am her husband and she is my wife?

Aww, just the thought of her being my wife,
and I'm taken to a world afar, wild and open.
In this world I have her heart!
We are alone in this world, and it is our house.
Day by day, we live in love.
It's a lovely world: this world has no doors. I hate that door.

I love my wife.
In this world with no closed doors and no door to open.
I hate doors. A door blocks my entrance into her house - into her heart.

Copyright 2009 Leslie Alexis

Comments about I Hate Doors

bravo! i love your inspirational poem.me too i love my wife
wonderful poem! We really have many 'doors' around us, sometimes make us hard to reach for what we want and sometimes make our life in an endless unknown beauty...just knock on then open every door if we want to appreciate some good scene inside...the ' lovely houses'...
From the heart, Its lovely. I know that door, unshaken by any gale of wind- leaves a darkness in your soul yet brighter than the Sun. Without the door, how do you intend to enter the house?
its an awesome poem.. being a budding poet i can understand your state of mind and heart regarding your love.. hope to read more such poems of yours..

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