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I Hate Loving You, Baby
SB (08-07-1982 / nottingham)

I Hate Loving You, Baby

Why is this so hard?
Why is it every day I'm forced to battle with my control?
I want what I can't have.
You're intoxicating, saying all the right words,
and every time I fall you race to pick me up,
it's killing me
'Cause you're the only one I want.
But we'll never work it out.
Just walk away, just walk away.
You've got so much to give,
and I've been taking it all from you.
Where is this going?
We're bound to crash
When will we give up?
I think I'm already gone,
I won't say goodbye.
So close, but so far away
and if we were to touch,
my skin would burn.
Your lips, in my mind, that smile, in your eyes.
I'm dying...
I cant hide it.
I hate loving you, baby.

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Comments (2)

A sweet, touchable and great poem! ! Your words are full of strong feelings and they are also very very romantic. Keep writting! !
hehehe......nice poem 10++++++