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I Hate My Life

I Hate My Life

Poem By Just Another Poet Girl

I hate my life and don't ask why
Cause you might think its just a lie
Everyone hates me, Everyone left me
I know that it sounds crazy
But its true, if you can see
Be what you can be
I feel invisible but no one cares
Loneliness is what i cant bare
Tears run down, my eyes start to sting
I'm running out of tears, but i Kept on Crying
No more tears, need to cry more
Blood replaced my tears, but spilling out more
My heart beats slower, my breathing becomes shallow
I fall on the ground, everything becomes blury
I can die right now since no one cares
Yes, that's what I should do
I close my eyes
I'll go to my dreamworld
My heart stops beating
My body stays still, my soul breaks and smiles no more.

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Comments (5)

i really like this cause even though its like the tenth 'hate my life' poem ive read its diffrent from teh rest its not jsut a list it has proper emotion great point of view keep up the good work
The Golden Bird Of Hope I never realized that... That golden bird could sing for me It was always over there you see So far, away, yet Calling me Singing words, its sweet, sweet song So far my friend - So long, so long… Perhaps another day, I’ll reach you Perhaps another day I’ll teach you So long my friend- So long, Why my bird was always sleeping I could only try and guess It seemed so lifeless and out of tune But this golden bird, would find its rest Then one day at my window The frost upon the lawn It sung from places Only dreamt But this time heard - No song – , 'So long' Step into my garden Sleep under my tree And the sweetest music you’ve ever heard The universe, is free The winter sleeping Nothing broke Suddenly, it sings The willow somehow stills its weeping From where the laughter rings Each fear that you have ever felt Each gray Becomes a bloom The trees so full in blossom The dawn’s new chorus Casting gloom The gardener appears Smiling as he stands And the golden bird Lands in his hands No more… you’ll see So Long, So long For you my darling Are coming home duncan wyllie
what? is this really how u feel? hope not... anyways, again an awesome poem soo emotional.. i can also relate this to myself... life sure is a sad place...
You have the making of a great poem, my dear. Keep on writing!
there's pain in every line..emotions unfold, at least..