I Hate Myself

I hate that you fooled me
With your infectios smile

I hate that you told me you loved me
When you were lying all the while

I hate that you were so jealous
When he was just a friend

I hate that you turned this
Into something we cannot mend

I hate that we screwed this up
Past the point of no return

I hate that you never believed me
Trust is something you should learn

I hate that you ignore me now
As if we never were

I hate that you betrayed me
For my pain there is no cure

I hate that you broke my heart
You don't know what I've been through

But most of all
I hate myself for letting you

by Elizabeth Castleberry

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Comments (6)

what an organized poem.Nice one
İ like rhyme and i love words.you used them soo good...Such a beautiful poem. Keep on writing :)
WOW! This poem is wonderful! ...and it has very touching words! I LOVED IT! ! Keep writing greater poems! !
Elizabeth, That's a lot of HATE! To me...hate takes up way too much of my energy...conversely LOVE empowers me. I hope this was not the guy you danced with in your other poem. Ray
another great poem again one that sounds as if you knew me and you knew what i have been through i cant say to much more because i have a lot to do but keep on writing
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