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I Hate Secrets! ! ! !
KB (SePTeMBer,18 1983 DEath i Believe i am ImMorTal / a S M a R a)

I Hate Secrets! ! ! !

Please spare me your secrets
I am not your best friend
(atleast not yet! !)
‘N I am sorry to break this to you
But …
I am not sure if I would ever be
Not that I don’t like you
You are not my type
Or the other way around
So save your secrets to yourself
I don’t want to hear any, not even a bit
It disturbs me and haunts me
It also ruins my day each and every minute

I know someday you will read this
And hate me like some kind of disease
‘N instead of telling my secrets
I write them down in form of poems
‘N guess what? ? ?
I gain PEACE
‘N I got nothing to lose

So keep your secrets to yourself
No matter whose! ! !

March 15,2006

For those who feel the SaMe WaY

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Comments (9)

wow.! this one beautiful, lovely poem that i can relate to very well. keep up! lov, jojo
i thought this was rather funny. -chuck
Konjit, this is your best poem yet. Congratulations!
I'm not sure it is unique Koni, I'm not sure it's where I stand either! I think there some things I'd rather not know but I guess you can't be that picky if a friend wants to confide in you! Suppose it depends on their motives for telling you! ? Anyway great poem! Moyaxx
Hi, I finally got round to reading this, sorry. And as much as I like the language and the style, I can't say I like the point it makes. It does come across as quite sharp and callous in parts, not very warming at all. I admire it's bluntness to a point, but I like to feel people can tell me their secrets if they're my friend or not. I don't look on it as a bad thing. A unique standpoint you have, I think. Dan x
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