I Hate The Way

Poem By Christine Gaffney

I hate the way that your smile,
Always makes me give in.
The way your body’s scent
Makes me need to touch your skin.
I hate the way you grin,
When you look into my eyes.
I hate it when you laugh,
And how your crow’s feet wrinkle at the sides.
You took me in from the battle I drew,
Not caring who I was with,
Or even what I had gone through.
I hate the way I care for you,
No matter what it is you do.
Even when you look at me,
Your face, it whispers,
“I love you.”
I hate the way you talk to me
Each and every night.
Good times, or bad times,
It’s still okay, even if we fight.
The things I do, they happen for a reason,
I know that perhaps they weren’t that kind, but I had to do it.
Look at me; you’ll see I couldn’t stand it anymore!

I hate the you look at me,
And you never seem to see
That empty bottle laying there,
Beside the family.
I hate that because of you
These tears that I cry,
Seem to bring me farther down the road with
My head hung low, emitting a never-ending sigh.
I hate the way your laughter
Brought us all those wonderful times.
But on all of those times you seem to need,
A sip before you’d lost your mind.
I hate it when we fight. But when we fail,
Am I the only one who cries?
Is there something that I don’t know?
Or I can’t understand?
I’m always there to try.
You give us what we need,
And you try to make it right.
But, the bottle stays in your mind,
‘Till the roars
Of that flowing night,
Fade to silent anger.

I love the way you make me laugh,
And the way you play with me.
You throw the ball in the back yard.
You even let me climb a tree.
I love the way that we play fight,
And you let me win…
Most of the time.
I love it when we go to the park,
And you tell me that you’re mine.
But, I hate it when you reach,
The end of that flowing night,
And I have to see her get upset
You make her feel unwanted.
The next day, you just want to forget.
When will all of this stop?
You know that it’s affecting me.
I don’t want to grow up like you,
With that bottle forever in my hand.
Not being able to see,
All of the good things,
Right in front of me.

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Christine- this gave me goosebumps- shannon

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