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I Hate The Way She Is
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I Hate The Way She Is

Poem By Cesar Herrera

I hate the way I look at her
I fucking hate her and her hair
I sit in my chair
Moving is rare
I just don't care
If you notice me please don't stare
Don't talk to me it just aint fair
I don't want to see you anymore
Your just one big whore
I'll meet you at the store
For 5 dollars you'll get more
I hate her in everyway
I don't see her everyday
Helps me get away
You are the same
I want to be left alone
I'm on the street stone cold
I don't want to think about you
I just want to forget about you get a clue
But thing is I still love you.........

Blind double Oh 3........... figure it out yourself

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