I Hate Therepy?

I remember when I was able to wake up.
Wake up and smile.
Each and everyday.
I’d fall asleep, thinking of you.
I’d fall asleep, with a smile.
I’d laugh louder, I’d smile bigger.
Now, now I wake up crying.
I wake myself up from screaming.
I fall asleep by crying myself to sleep.
Everyone keeps asking,
“What’s wrong? ’’
Can’t they understand,
That if I talk about it.
It only makes me cry more?
It’s not helping me.
It’s not making me feel better.
People try sending me to therapists.
Does that even work?
I know it’s not helping me.
They just tell me to start taking depression pills.
They say that there’s nothing wrong.
It’s just “a stage” where I get depressed.
I know that’s not true.
I know exactly what’s wrong.
But I’m not telling them.
I hate them. They get inside my head.
Make me say things I don’t wanna say.
When I go, I sit there, in silence.
I hear them talking, outside the door.
“She’s just going through phases”
“She’ll be fine”
“There’s nothing making her feel this way”
Well, they’ve got me all wrong.
It’s not just a phase.
I won’t be fine.
And there is a big thing making me feel this way.
I’m just scared to tell anyone what it is
by i write what i feel

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