I Hate Today

Poem By Samantha Martin

I hate the world today and hate myself in everyway
I hate the person that I have become
I hate the dreams and the nightmares I have
And hate the days when I can’t
I can’t hold on anymore
My foot is half way out the door
And everyday there is some mistake I have made
I’ve learned my lesson
I can not win
I’m set to lose
And hurt within
But everyday I make one mistake
I wish I could take it away
And all the pain my friends have felt
I wish it would go away
I’d rather die then live life
And rather burn than cry
But everyday I make
More and more mistakes
I don’t know if I can go on

Comments about I Hate Today

That is such a meaningful poem and i think i can relate to that %100. Every1 calls me stupid for still loving him but i can help it..

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