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I Hate Ur Hands Of Evil! !

I Hate Ur Hands Of Evil! !

Poem By I wish i was as invisable as he made me feel

your hands of evil,
your touches of sin,
only i,
know where you've been,
touch me again,
and i will knock you down,
and you will lay there,
till by god your found...

You screwed up my life,
the minute your hand touched my leg,
i asked you to stop,
i practicalley begged,
but it wasn't enough,
you just wanted more,
so you grabbed me tight,
and threw me on the floor...

Are you glad for what you did?
are you proud of what you've done?
Do you know that what you've done,
now cannot be undone?
so burn in hell,
cos that's where you belong,
for your hands of evil,
are absolutely WRONG! ! ! ! !

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Comments (4)

Another very powerful poem. I love it! You are very good at turning your emotions into beautiful works of art.
Powerful Poem... So glad that you have an outlet for what you went through. Keep writing, sorting, sifting and eliminating dear one. All my best. Moriah
if this actually happened, then i wanna bet this dude to the floor, then help him up, so i can beat him down again. no woman shud be treated like this...>: ( sik poem!
very strong write you have here hun.....lots of hate towards this person....as you should....if these accounts are true this person should burn in hell like you say! ! ! nice write tho.....thnx for sharing! ! Brian~