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I Hate You
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I Hate You

I replay over and over in my head what we had.
Everytime believeing you cared and I really meant something to you.
Until now, im finally replaying it clearly.
I can see how you treated me was wrong.
I deserved more, not only as the girl you were with at the time, but as a human being.
I never did anything to be treated like that.
My only flaw at the time was being young and falling in love with you.
Your always told to never regret, just learn from your mistakes.
But I truly regret every mistake I made with you.
I will probably hate you for the rest of my life and Im okay with that.
I thought the day you walked away from me was the worst day of my life, but I was wrong.
The worst day of my life was the day I realized how horrible you treated me and I still stuck by you.
If things could be perfect for me I would never have to see you again, but the world is funny and thats just not the case.
Just know everytime I look at you im not seeing anything more than disgust and hate.

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Strong words used! ! , love is blind at times.