I Hate You

I hate you, I hate you
for all your lies and broken promises
I hate you for everything you are,
and everything you’ve became
I hate you for being mean
I hate you for being untruthful
I hate you for everything you’ve done to me
for lying and breaking my heart
I hate you, I hate you
I can’t believe that I’ve actually loved you

by Some Random Girl

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Goes to show the whimsical and temperamental nature of love. Deep feelings of utter disgust and loathing, are aptly captured in the piece. Very heartfelt with strong emotions. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.
love means loving all his strengths and weaknesses. help build on the strengths while trying to help him with his weaknesses. that's all about love, anonymous. however, if he does not do the same to you, dump him fast. love has to be a two way traffic.
Will hope you don't have children with this person