AI (June-30-1993 / Alpena MI)

I Hate You

You broke my heart,
And left me here to bleed,
It took me days to get over you,
Nights to heal.

Now I have a few things to say to you,
You dont pull on my heartstrings,
You tear them apart.

I thought I liked you,
You only used me,
For your oun amusment.

Didnt really care how I felt.

Next time I see you Your bottom is mine,
I dont give two flying__what you think.

Your a fake,
A liar,
And I dont care what your eccuse is.

I was dumb,
To accually think,
That I liked or loved you.

Theres one last thing I wanna say.

Im never falling for you again,
And I hate you.

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Im never falling for you again... if this is the situation, why should you hate him anymore? My dear young girl, such themes never come under the purview of poetry. You could have sent this poem to your lover instead of publishing it. Why should the world come to know about your love affair? Do you think the world can really help you? I should remind you of one thing. For the West, love affairs mean like changing dresses only. If a girl doesn't go for dating, then, it is considered as an abnormality! To love and live together is one thing but to live and love together is an art, a fine bondage. You may read my 'Love at first sight'. There is enough to contemplate upon. Don't fall a victim to such a situation at too young an age. Concentrate on your studies now. Think about love affairs afterwards. Best of luck.