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I Hate You

I hate you more than anything else that I know
I hate you more than the freezing snow,
And if I were drunk because of you and alcohol
I'd wish that I'd fall on you to break your bones and my fall.
If there was ever another world war
I know that I would definitely hate you more,
And if on a battlefield a foreign enemy I would ever meet
Before you, them I would happily greet.
I hate you more than I could ever think or say
So unto God, I tell him how much I hate you with every word that I pray,
God can count the drops whenever it does rain
I wish that I was able to count your pain.
When I have that itch that I cannot scratch
When I dread taking medicine so a disease I won't catch,
Then when I take that shot so I won't catch the flu
Only thing that I hate more, it's you.
I don't want you to die I just want you to slowly suffer
I want your existence and breathing to be worrisome and tougher,
For any experiment I want you to always go first
And if I knew of a witch, on you there would be a curse.
If you were in a room with Hitler and the devil's son
And if I had two bullets in a gun,
A chance to save humanity is the ultimate price
I would happily shoot you, twice.
I hate you more than anyone could ever hate
That I will not lie about or would ever exaggerate,
I would be happy if you were stung by a million bees
Or, if you got really sick and got the dry heaves.
I don't want you to die quickly I want you to suffer instead
Because soon maybe in years I know that you will be dead,
And then when your entrance to heaven is denied by God
Listen really closely! Because you will hear me applaud.

Randy L. McClave

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I understand your hate, but you must control it. You will not be whole until you forgive. It's hard. God be with you in this process and always.
Cheating people are at their core very flawed, perhaps she was bi-polar as many of them seek out risky behavior.. iip