I Hate You All(This Poem Was Written Out Of Pure Rage!)

Poem By Jessica Dunlap

Do you see what you have done?
You have killed me.
You stupid people cant you see that I'm crying on the inside?
Cant you see how miserable I am?
You disgust me.
Taunting people just because of the way they dress.
Just because I have slits on my arms.
Because of you I sit at luch alone.
Because of you I do my work alone.
Because of you I do not have a gym partner.
Not even the emo kids just like me wont even talk to me.
You stupid idiots convinced them that I'm a poser.
That I just want attention.
Well screw you all.
I do not care about any of you.
I only have one friend and that is my razor blade.
And thats all i need.

Comments about I Hate You All(This Poem Was Written Out Of Pure Rage!)

i know most of my poems are about cutting... but your best friend should never be a razor blade nor a knife. if you ever need to talk. im always on the computer. so you could e-mail me. or ask for my number. though this was written out of pure RAGE! it's still really good writing.
yeah that is true! ! ! ! i'm emo and my best friend is a knife
naw beautiful its so true lol i am half emo lol just dont really dress like one cos i hide it lol still my good friend is my razor blade if u like u can read my poems lol some of them r like yours lol

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