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I Haunt Your Dreams
NH (30th October 1971 / croydon, victoria, Australia)

I Haunt Your Dreams

Evil grin slither thin
Power hungry lets begin
Battle faught
and battle won
until the death
there must be one
one is slain
but as he falls
others heed
the battle calls
shrill of voices
piercing screams
horrors of
tortured dreams
darkness falls
sun dismissed
i feel a blow
from mighty fist
falling to
the ground below
morbid fear
ill never show
rise again
red bloodied eyes
scythe in hand
begin to slice
before me lay
upon the ground
another fool
left to the hounds
hell doth rise
under my feet
i have the power
none now compete
do not think
that time will bend
the fact that i
stand in the end
pools of blood
to bathe my skin
i am pure
immortal sin
try to slay me
if you will
for in time its i
who makes the kill
Made from evil
raised in hell
Queen of pain
You know me well
Your will is mine
I take it now
from this day on
before me bow
I am your nightmares
I spark your screams
I am your terrors
I haunt your dreams

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Comments (2)

All hail Mac Hays, Thane of Terpsichore... :) Well written composition but one would perhaps suggest that 'I' be systematically capitalized in your works because - inter alia - failure to do so can lead to the typo... ill never show which should IMHO read I'll never show... and thus lends itself to confusion Best regards, Jonathan
Dear poet, Really your poem is nice to read and keep in mind my best wishes I haunt Your dreams Evil grin slither thin Power hungry lets begin Battle faught Good wishes kee