(01/19/1990 / Houston, TX)

I Have

I have seen empires rise and fall.

I have laid witness to the most beautiful and horrific things you could imagine.

I watched helplessly as all I loved was taken from me and all I worked so hard to create was lain to waste.

I saw entire races born in front of me and then wiped from the face of exsistance.

I watched the world before this one grow and die then give birth to our own planet.

I have fought along side heroes and monsters that lived nearly twelve billion years ago.

I have saved both this world as well as many others when all said it was impossible.

I have traveled this universe for nearly 171,428,571 lifetimes.

I have lived through the past and know our future.

I walked through the fires of hell and the light of heaven.

I have loved many and spent lifetimes with some that I gave my heart to.

I suffered more than any could possibly imagine but have also been blessed more than most.

I have watched my children grow and been forced to watch them pass on in my arms.

I have cried rivers and bled oceans.

I defeated more than ten million foes.

I stormed beaches against impossible odds and taken them.

I have died and then risen more than fifteen thousand times.

I heard the whispers of those you say don't exist.

I have done all these things and so many more.

How you ask is this possible?

How can I tell such lies?

I tell you no lies, but my truth.

I have been able to do all of these things for but one simple reason.

And that reason is that I do not close my mind to my dreams.

I dream when I am sleep.

I dream when I am awake.

And my dreams are just as real if not more than this world you call reality.

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