I Have Been Saved

I have been saved; I have been saved, truly by a Holy Righteous God,
Given a new heart and a new life, to leave the path I once had trod.

For I was born with a heart of flesh that was truly tainted with sin,
But The Lord in His Mercy reached down and changed me from within.

When The Gracious Holy Lord chose to touch and circumcise my heart,
He also chose to leave me in the world but He also set my life apart.

Now I no longer have my old desire to continue my life of wicked sin,
For as a new creature found in Christ I began a new life sure in Him.

The Lord also set me upon a new path and gave me a brand new start,
And the only way to please my Lord is to seek Him with all my heart.

The Word of God tells me to seek first His Kingdom and Righteousness,
This path leads me to gain His Wisdom, so for Him I can be a witness.

If we truly believe in Christ a definite change will be in our heart,
As this is a sign to unbelievers and a witness of a brand new start.

This change that occurs is manifested by The Spirit we can not see,
It's The Holy Spirit Who sealed me with a New Life that set me free.

For the change to my life took place the very moment of my Salvation,
And this new work was fully accomplished by The Lord of all Creation.

Although it only took a brief moment to accept The Lord's Salvation,
A Sanctified Life to be used by The Lord is my lifelong obligation.

(Copyright © 06/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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