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I Have Been Through The Gates
(15 November 1869 – 24 March 1928 / London)

I Have Been Through The Gates

Poem By Charlotte Mary Mew

His heart to me, was a place of palaces and pinnacles and shining towers;
I saw it then as we see things in dreams,--I do not remember how long I slept;
I remember the tress, and the high, white walls, and how the sun was always on the
The walls are standing to-day, and the gates; I have been through the gates, I have
groped, I have crept
Back, back. There is dust in the streets, and blood; they are empty; darkness is over
His heart is a place with the lights gone out, forsaken by great winds and the heavenly
rain, unclean and unswept,
Like the heart of the holy city, old blind, beautiful Jerusalem;
Over which Christ wept

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Never read you before, but I shall never forget you; the same, the same, my kindred spirit laments a similar love and my love of Christ, my studies of Jerusalem sustain me on this Pilgrim's Way, amidst the tears and sorrow.