I Have Changed

Since you come in my life
Everything changed
Changed my way of thinking
Changed my priorities
Changed my happiness
Changed my personality

I have changed my dear

Bcs of you

Bcsof your LOVE
Bcs of your patience
Bcsof your smile
Bcs of your thinking

How am I changed
I have no idea sweet heart
What happened to me
Such a darling you are

You gave me everything
You gave me cause of live
You gave color to my life
You gave love in my life

No body can do this
You completed my life
You make me feel special

You such a darling
All time
My dear

by Rani Jain

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Comments (3)

Love is a magic it can change one, a beautiful poem.
love can change the whole life
good one rani...and u are really improving...and i could feel that how u changed and the reason behind it........go on write beautiful poems and makes us all proud...we expect more wonders from u.......