I Have Come To Lie Down On The Grass

Poem By Raj Arumugam

I have come to lie down on the grass
and to feel the earth and the coolness of the dew
and the warmth of the rising sun;
I have come in forgetting
and in oneness;
and perhaps a couple in their daily walk in these fields
might stumble over my body
and punch the numbers to report a corpse
on the lonely fields

Comments about I Have Come To Lie Down On The Grass

I love this feeling of freedom you've captured; and isn't it one of the oldest games that children love to play; if I died, would anybody notice, and if they did, what would they think? And sometimes in the sun I lie in the grass out back and wonder if the cars can see my body from the road, and do they become worried and sometimes want to check it out? (I think sometimes they do, lol) .
this is interesting...

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