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I Have Faith

I have my faith in God
And my belief is there as well,
I follow his teachings and I obey his laws
So, I am not destined for Hell.
When it is my destined time to die,
Only then unto God my voice will cry.

If God told me to walk on the water
I know that I could,
If he asked me to move a mountain
I immediately would.
"Trust in me the Lord", Jesus has saith,
And I do, as I have faith.

I need not be afraid of any man
As God's words I will always heed,
I have read it in the gospels
Now it is part of my very own creed.
Wherever that I go or stand,
My destination is already in the lord's hand.

When on the day that I am judged
Unto the Lord I will pray,
I will thank him for the life that he gave me
And no one have I hated, or wished to slay.
I hope to hear heaven's holy singers,
When they place God's words in my fingers.

God told me not to fear my enemies
So, I listened and fear them I don't,
His son told me not to forget his teachings
So, I listened and to forget I won't.
As a Christian I have put my faith in the Son,
So, why do I need a weapon or a gun.

Randy L. McClave

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