I Have Learn To Live Without You Somehow

I'm laying down, alone, in my room
Waiting patiently for my doom
I don't want to keep going
I could feel my world slowing
I look around and see suffering and pain
And people with evil in their veins
So many dreams that fell to the floor
So many hope that walked out my door
Tears come to my eyes
And I begin to realize
That if you're not here
My life is all tears
If you're not here I don't know
What to do or where to go
I don't want to be without you
I wonder if you feel like I do
Finally, I'm home
All alone
No one's here to bother me
But I still just want you here with me
I want to let you go from my heart
But that's a place from where you'll never depart
And there's absolutely nothing that I can do
Except write poems about you
And there's nothing anyone can say
To make thoughts of you go away
I know that to be happy I need to forget
The reason why me eyes daily become wet
With many many tears
Even after all these years
Well I guess I have to end it here and now
And learn to live without you somehow

by M.A. Ces

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