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Do You?
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Do You?

Poem By unknown poet

I had been told 'never' to say never.
And for as long as I lived,
I will learn a 'never' said will return.

And I found that to be true.
I have learned to focus and remain conscious.
Never to keep repeating the same mistakes.

I have learned,
The giving of oneself...
Opens the door to heartache.

I have learned,
Forgiveness for some...
Means a forgetting for them to what they've done.

I have learned,
A revolving door...
Revolves not solve solutions.

I have learned,
A no does not mean yes...
To a depleting of my happiness.

I have learned,
Never to allow my peace of mind...
To be plucked by anyone wishing to get on my nerves.

I have learned,
And 'that' aint gon' happen no mo'!

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