I Have Learned Enough

With faith trust.
And revisited hindsight,
Unneeded to reveal.
Or in conversations to discuss.
I Have learned enough,
About the affects left...
By competition.
What it takes to win
How gracefully to lose.
And how to return,
After wounds mend.
To not expose to show,
A stitch, scratch...
That leaves to detect a bruise.

I have learned enough,
About selecting preferences.
Separating my likes,
From dislikes.
Or what will appease,
My appetite.
Based upon presentation.
Before I've had,
A taste to bite.

What appears delicious,
May sit to realize...
Too difficult to digest.
Or pretend okay.
When feeling it to stomach,
Something is rotten.
And decays.

I have learned enough,
About grudges to hold.
Until they manifest,
And I am left without...
An ability to eat. Sleep.
Or rest to get.

I have learned enough,
About who to forgive.
And what to forget.
To admit and confess,
Happiness is not a given.
Nor from others to expect.

I have learned enough,
About hatred.
And the effects of felt bigotry
To witness who eventually,
Becomes victimized...
To despise themselves.

I have learned enough,
From my own experiences...
To acknowledge them lived,
That complaining...
While seeking others to leave,
Faulted to accuse and blame...
To know...
I will still remain,
Not only held responsible.
But also accountable,
For my own actions to initiate.
And regardless,
As to who says what.
Or does what to do to excuse.
I have learned enough,
About deceiving myself.
And I have learned...
If I choose shoes to wear,
They will fit comfortably.
To not declare an unawareness,
Of steps I've made...
That may have left a mess.

I have learned enough,
About addressing to fake...
What I've to do,
Was not with consciousness,
To purposely do to choose.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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