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I Have Learned To Do Something New
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

I Have Learned To Do Something New

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

You have made promises upon promises.
And since you have been gone,
Those disparities you left us to face...
Have been attempted to be corrected,
By someone who has replaced you.
And this direction taken is what you hate.

You appear again with the same promises to make,
With a tailored suit that has been updated.
How can we tell if your statements made to us,
Are not faked?

I do appreciate your honesty.
And let me make this perfectly clear.
The last time I made to you those promises,
I have learned to do something new.'

And please tell us what that is?
What have you learned to do?

'I have learned to speak,
From the other side of my mouth.
And smile at the same time.
I am hoping this is something,
You all will find acceptable!
And if not...
Both sides will contradict the other.
And hopefully with this confusion,
You will forget the importance of your needs.'

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