My Hamlet

A quaint place -
In my heart
safely harboured.
Donning rustic beauty
Puerile, pleasant and warmer.
The road to my hamlet
meters to thousand,
But if I ever to reach
Close my eyes
And peep deep,
I reach my destination.
The place made me what I am
And it comes with me to where I be.

by Chaitali Bose Bhattacharjee

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Awesomely Nice
............excellent write...beautifully penned with excellent imagery ★
I would agree with the statement, and suggest you read the following poems, all reproduced here. Beeny Cliff and At Castle Boterel (both following the death of his first wife.) When I set out for Lyonnesse. I look into my Glass. The Darkling Thrush. In Time of Breaking of Nations. Channel Firing. The Man he Killed. Men who March Away. In Tenebris.
I've read today (? C. Tomlin's biography?) that the death of his estranged wife changed Hardy from a good to a great poet. Can anyone point me towards such poems? Thanks x