Violence Against Women

Violence against women is simply unacceptable.
God created men and women to love with one another,
To enjoy each other until the end of the last hour,
Until the end of time. It is despicable,
It is awful for men to abuse women,
To sell them like cheap hot cakes, to take advantage
Of them, and to use so much force and rage
Against the most beautiful creatures in Eden.
Only cowards would mistreat the women and the flowers
Of the paradise that God took the time to create.
Allah in heaven! God, who can decide the fate
Of humanity, protect all who find themselves in front of the barrels
Of violence, of misery and of unthinkable discrimination;
Wise up the men who are lost in the shuffle of time;
Use your almighty power and strength to eradicate crime;
And force men and women to love one another again in action,
In deeds, in words, in gestures, and of course in spirit.
Men and women were created to love each other without guilt.

by Hebert Logerie

Comments (2)

Very beautiful and very lovely poem 10+++++
My kind of philosophy unde the banner 'My Way'. Very good poem besides. H