I Have No Choice

I have no choice now but to walk away, take this broken heart with me to face each day. Though it hurts me to have to let go- what could have been we will never know.
You promised me forever, and forever was to much- so i settled for your friendship, and that is whats so tough.
You left me when i needed you the most- you left me alone as the baby grew off my broken heart.
Got a new life, a new love, and took with you my heart. I remain as though it doesnt hurt- i allow you to be an active father. But its so hard for me to have to let you go yet keep you near for our daughter.
I know i need to move on, and i know with time it will be okay. But that doesnt help when i have to see you in her eyes each and everyday.
I know i am not perfect, and i have my wrongs- but i have done everything i can do and i guess we dont belong.
You could have been more caring when you break a persons heart. You dont realize you tear their world apart.
Just a chance to tell you things that were unsaid- a chance to tell you so i can begin letting you go.
I hold the love we made in my arms everyday, and single i will remain.
Cuz the thought of you just leaving me drives me insane.
I will never deny you to her- just know that she will have many men break her heart- and i will not allow the first male to be my mistaken- you- her father.

by Lydia Brown

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From experience, or from observations? Nice work... Gordon..