KNS (July 14,1965 / New York)

I Have No Concept Of Time

I have no concept of time lock in this cell of mines, I have no way out the walls surrounds my thoughts consuming my mind with a empty feeling of loneness and I still have no concept of time.

I feel sadness around me, a dark hole is where I am I will see no sunshine today this will be my time to pray.

The days are long and all I could do is wonder where did it all go wrong.
I have no concept of time this feeling is overwhelming my soul as I sit here I feel as if I had just lost my control.

The last time I could remember was the time I shared with you my heart felt light, my thoughts ran free and I was not tripped under this lock and key.

I have no concept of time this is the worst that it could be locked away in a cell, jail with no bail not able to be me.

To feel bonded under rules that are not mines makes me feel less then important and that is when I get this chill, no man should live like this, no man will even try I don’t dare shade a tear this man will not cry.

I have no concept of time in here when the minutes roll into hours, the hours into days the days into months and the months have drifted away, and I still sit here with no concept of time

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