I Have No Title For This One

The creature in me longs to
break free; to lose control
and run wild.
To flee from the despair
of my tragic life that has
become more of a survival.
So black has this existence been,
sometimes stepping out into the
light seems to be the only choice.
Out of the mist you came, extracted
from the warmth of your lair.
The moment my eyes looked upon
you, time stood still for me.
I felt alive again.
I could almost feel my heart

When the sunset in the west I came out.
I opened my eyes to the nature and beauty
of life. Still darkness flowed threw my soul
and allways will. I walked threw the early
night wanting to find another equally strong
or stronger. Alone I felt, but alive I was.
Inside me a sleeping need to fill and touch
another.feeding and loving for just a moment
in time. The stars in the night and the moon
lighting my path as I follow it. With my
wishes at hand and a new life plan, I could
find solitude and comfort, touch and companship.
In the darkness I'll be there my arms open to
greet thee. And we can walk together speaking of
times to come

by tiyler durden

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Hopefully you will step out of the darkness when she steps into your arms. Patricia