( / Hull, East Yorkshire, England)


To comb the beach of old cape cod
For treasures of the sea
I've followed the ebb tides across the sands,
As though it were a key.
To the golden harvest of Neptune's realm
Put there for me to see.
And as I gazed at the beautiful gems
That lay there on the shore
The tide rushed in and locked me out,
So I could gaze no more.
Till this turning tide exposed again
The bottom of the sea.
I helped myself to the treasure there
And brought them home with me.

by Ardenelle M. Mason

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Peter, this is a comforting poem. So many of us want those who follow to know where to find us when we are gone. (Have you read my poem, 'When You Are Gone? ') These are sort of a matched set. Best regards. Raynette