F is for friends, who are always there.
F is for fun, without a care.
F is for fulfilment, achieving your best
F is for flying, along on that crest.
F is for foe, who will pull you down.
F is for flounder, as you slowly drown.

by Dan Brown

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your words, I feel, I have read many times. how deep and heartfelt they always seem. beautifully displayed, wonderfully written.
wow this poem is wow
LOVE THIS LINE! ! ! 'For when I cry, I feel again; My love, all through and through.' i feel again when i cry as well. i love how you percieved such imagery in this poem. it shows not only the tears, and pains of love, but it also shoes hope, and a grreat deal of compassion. nice piece! !
i lost words again, Wolfey..you must see and hear my heart beat, , aching and crying too, for that wonderful words..painful as it is..but releasing at the end, with two teardrops.... it is enough.. to shed that tears, a cleansing.. another delight for me, in this rainy night here in our place, God bless you, my freind, and do take care of you.. shalom, meggie
I really love the way you write. Your style and the heart felt image that you portray. Its like reading a novel in poetic form. Great!
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