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I Have Seen God
SD (12/02/1974 / Wisconsin)

I Have Seen God

In the wonder shining from her eyes as
She stares at falling snow on Christmas Eve,
I have seen God.

In the innocence of her question,
'Where do babies come from? '
I have seen God.

In the complete trust that I will catch her
When she says, 'Higher, Mommy, higher! '
I have seen God.

In the strength of her small arms,
Wrapped around my neck as she says 'I love you',
Clearly, although tears are shimmering in my eyes,
I have seen God.

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Comments (9)

Yes, the tear and the lump here too! Very powerful!
Got to go with the rest on this one (10) . Lizzy.
Stunning! Gave it a 10 myself!
Beautiful. I gave a ten on this one.
This is great I really like this, Charlie.
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