A Mystery

Mysterious growth in my lines
Deep words drafting over and over
Had an impression of poetry
Have a will to do it.

Chapters carve a chapter
By order replacing new
My thoughts over love
Most profound pages
Imprintedvoyages and wave
Build my poetry of mystery.

I never knew that I will
Become one day
A poet of love in love
A poet of society for society.

Still am not a recognized one
Not as my best Eliot
But have faith in almighty
That, a day will come when
I and my mysterious lines
Will strike the heart of one and all.

by abhimanyu kumar.s

Comments (8)

a poem of the funny things we would do when totally love struck? ..................well written
grasp the hand of your shadow...nice
This is SO amazing! I like the last few lines of course, but my other favorite is I keep all my words for you...really speaks to me, and some of it resembles my writing style as well. thank you for sharing!
and sometimes in the bus stop when you are not looking I lay down behind you and grasp the hand of your shadow- - - - -such a lovely piece of poem on Love- - - -10/10
so nice...10/10! ! ! read my poems too
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