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I Have To Find My Star
(4 August 1944 / Sialkot)

I Have To Find My Star

In the emptiness
Of skies, filled with
Innumerable stars,
I have to find the
Star that belongs
To me.

Galaxies beyond galaxies, filled with wonder,
I know no name, nor a sign do I remember.

All I remember,
That on the very first morn,
When thestars embarked
Through early light of dawn
Through the vastness of skies,
Another star glittered
In her wondering eyes,
Similar to that star,
I too carry a dream in my tearful eyes,
Embellish it with tears like stars in the skies,
And keep on waiting
For you to pass by.

Lost things, they say,
Are sometimes found
In the same amalgmation
Of dust, where once
They were lost.

I too have to find the
Star that belongs to me.

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