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I Have To
SC (November 13,1992 - / )

I Have To

Poem By Stephen Carey

It does not matter what I dream
Or what I feel.
All that matters is
What I say and what I do
For and to
And with you.

I can tell myself I love you
And feel I'll do it all for you,
But will that bring me any closer to you?
... No.
It does not.

I bought a wish bracelet,
I tied it around my wrist,
I wore it until the paint left the beads
And until the little string broke.
It seems there's been a difference,
But I have to make my wish come true.

A wish bracelet won't grant my unto me my desire,
My dreams will never put me where I want to be.
Not wishing or dreaming, not hoping, nor will writing get me anything.
I have to go to you myself,
I have to make my wish come true,
I have to.

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