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I Have Tried, Believe Me
SSQ (12-05-1986 / East London)

I Have Tried, Believe Me

Poem By Stella Sisanda Qishi

i have tried blocking my ears
while he called you things you were not,
but the epithets were heart-rending
i have tried looking away
while he beat you up
but your doleful screams of help
held me back
i have tried calling 10111
but the line just went dead
i have tried defending you
but my arms just went numb
i have tried callind 10177
but they were out of ambulances
i have tried calling your neighbour, too
but he went fishing that day
and the lads across the street
they went boozing
i have tried reasoning with him
but he called me an outsider
your sister was in labour
your mother lay sick abed
your brother ducking and diving in Darfur
your father partying at club Numbers
so i locked myself in my room
hoping that God's mercy would intervene
and now as i stand above
your lifeless body bathed in blood
i curse myself for my helplessness
but believe me, i have tried!

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Comments (5)

Sad reflection on a horrifying experience elegantly crafted in persuasive poetic expressions. A well texted and nicely thought out poem. Thanks for sharing Stella.
You really tried. I believe you. that's why I couldn't resist it but post it. I don't like reading with my heart but You really touched my heart when I read this..
well, sometimes its just fated and destiny prevailed.
This poem speaks of such suffering....but atleast you tried.....
That was a sad and painful write and God does know you tried 10 Chris