Some Days Are Better, They'Re Better Than Others

Everyday I struggle,

Struggle within, struggle beyond what seems logical

Yet, I still find someway to not show

What is truly going on with me

Something I have learned

Learning to deal with disappointment

Gaining strength to over come

How much anger is truly inside of me

Consequently I fall, back down the path of distruction

My rebound that touches my brink to insanity is tragically forgotten

Its only time before what lies before me

Taunts me and I fall

Slip without reconciliation of the consequences for my counteractions

To surpass my anguish, to balance the anxiety

What justifies my prosecution for my twisted soul

That has been tarnished with guilt and humiliation

Still I try to be the man who I am

Who I know to be, before the man himself

Still I feel deceased, dead to the world that's before me

What has become, and what shall be known

Of this,

Myself? ? ?

by Michael Jackson.

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Their are no tears to hold on sunny days! Rain is intoxicating...