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I Have Walked... (8-17-04)

I have walked into the ocean
and realized the depth of time.

I have walked among the clockwork
and wondered why it never stops.

I have walked slowly forward
and discovered how to change the future.

I have walked quickly backward
and missed enjoying the present.

I have walked silently away from the ticking
and answered the call of silence.

I have walked at night inside my brain
and questioned my sanity.

I want to walk on the clouds
and feel what its like to be free.

by Kayla Jarnac

Comments (4)

the last stanza is kind of saying that i want to be free of the entrapment OF time... does that make more sense now? :)
Its real a pitty that this poem did not get any vote....Remarkably written...I love it (really it touched me)
Nice poem. Your metaphor of time is lovely. Reconsider the last stanza. You left your metaphor behind. The poem would be more effective if you stayed with time.
The power of this poem is amazing! The depth and intensity is marvellous and the way you sweep the reader through this characters journey amazes me! I lvoe the repitition and change in this poem it is great. I love how you question questions that stay unanswered its brill! LOve Jodixxx