A Young Lady Going To Peru

A Young Lady Going To Peru

There was a young lady going to Peru,
So she could peruse the sights,
Upon arrival in Peru she stopped at Lima,
After a few days in Lima she'd left,
To see the sights in deepest darkest Peru.

By Christopher Tye

by Christopher Tye

Comments (7)

Submerged into our characters until we become them and they are us..Wonderful thought...Scarlett
I loved this Julia. The strong narrative voice showed how powerful the imagination can be from both the perspective of the writer and the reader. Kind regards. Justine.
strongly and confidently written, Julia. i liked the narrative voice, the poem's tightness and ability to say a lot in its short space. i particularly thought the passage 'Fill the gaps / And write yourself into the best loved tale./ You're in my story, former selves all shed.' was grand.
Julia, I felt a sense of anticipation, eagerness to flesh out this person, to make him complete, if only in my own mind. Beautifully written, well presented. Scarlett
Original, mystical, enchanting - wonderful. With warmth, Gina.
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