I Hear About A Farmer

In the news on Pretoria-FM
I hear about a farmer
whose black neighbour
(who is also a farmer)
lets him know
about new people that are starting to reside
in the corner of his property.

When he does arrive there
the veldt is full of strange cattle,
a black man runs to him
with a knife that he holds out as a weapon
and yells at him rudely to clear of the land
as a certain young politician
has said that the farms of white farmers
must be taken from them.

The farmer calls the police
that does promise to come
but they do not turn up
and on the next day
there is a caravan
and a lot of shacks have been erected.

When the farmer does go to the police
the station commander tells him
that no charge has been laid
and that he must get a removal order
before the police
are prepared to act.

[Reference: Pretoria-FM is a Afrikaans radio station broadcasting from Pretoria.]

by Gert Strydom

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