I Hear America Singing

I Hear America singing, the varied carols I hear;
Those of mechanics--each one singing his, as it should be, blithe and strong;

by Walt Whitman Click to read full poem

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Good work.......................
Good Historical American Work Ethics fools say old fashioned values are bad... but old fashioned values are good! ! ! manual work what songs were sung by sinew muscle by honest sweat hard work invested in labour done well how this sings of love for life for gratitude appreciation for the work of the hands faith in all hands to the well wheel contributing to a common prosperity when workers earned their pay were paid in an appropriate living wage individuals prospered communities prospered all prospered Copyright © Terence George Craddock Inspired by the poem 'I Hear America Singing' by Walt Whitman. Dedicated to the life and poetry of Walt Whitman.
manual work, what songs were sung by sinew and muscle, by honest sweat hard work, invested in labour done well; how this sings of love for life, for gratitude appreciation for the work of the hands, faith in all hands to the well, contributing to a common prosperity, when workers earned their pay and were paid in an appropriate living wage
As long as America sings; as long as families sing; as long as people of all stripes and persuasions sing their own song in their own way; we shall ever be America. Let's keep singing, in the rain or fair weather, let's keep singing.
Lovely and positive poem!
The building of America.... Walt expresses it so well. Sadly it is a song turned to whispers now...
Inspiring poem, I like it.
I believe this poem was written in period when people used to have songs depending on their profession and they would sing during the work so as make the work lively and enjoyable. This also helped to maintain pace and rhythm in work. It was and still very common in African community especially the communal work or work involving a large number of people at one.
Poet makes even those who are not in the list to sing. So inspiring.
Music is medicine to the soul. A sigh into life.
The great poet has given chances to every one in society in this poem and it is filled with humanity and likes.
Here is the grand 'symphony' of all people of America, each in his occupation, each reflecting the breadth and power of the people of this great country. This poem represents everyone, all together comprising the greatness and richness of this land and its many diverse and committed people.
This poem is absolutely inspirational. After reading this poem it made me rethink about how i take granted of things. Just yesterday i didn't even use protection while intercourse with my wife. If i had used protection, who knows how good of a life i would have today? Thank you Walt Whitman for writing and crafting this amazing poem.
Walt Whitman is letting all the the Americans sing. He has just a way with words.