(2 February 1882 – 13 January 1941 / Dublin / Ireland)

Genus Canis Liberalis

I hate to hear dogs barking
it reminds me of the humans
that put them there behind the fences
of boring little houses
with unimaginative small yards

it reminds me of stupidity
bleeding from those ignorant fools
like blood from a wound that never heals

it reminds me of war
& the things that die therein
that had no cause to die
& blunt greed that passes for posterity
& all the other putrid human traits
that we convince ourselves as honourable
& pure
we without fault or accountability
judge & jury
to the poor dumb animals
we breed & burn
with our twisted love
empirically void of truth

I like to hear dogs barking
with excitement
when they chase rabbits into the briar
from across an open field
with the sun on their backs
& not a whip

& then the dog will sit
paws crossed
a smile on his fresh face
amongst the shade of nearby trees
in long grass
& it will watch & wait
unafraid, content
just a dog
unfashioned by anything other
than its own pure nature

far away from fences
small yards & even smaller
human minds.

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Comments (7)

One of the great poems. Thank you James Joyce.
James Joyce a great novelist consciousness of flow is great value in his work- Autobiography of young man and Ullysis - freedom is in his blood, onomatopoeic words usage..sound base composition
This is not only a poem but also a great work of freedom of thought in which james joyce stood for individual freedom always makes his opinion against war the real war that destructs the humanlife.
A great poem. The whole world has been under jackboots leaving behind 'sorrows and tears' (a la Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the great Nigerian musician)
War a ugly thing being it is of the earthly or of the soul. Hatred core of all evil.
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