I Hear Her Singing

I hear her singing in the day,

in tune to my desires...

She knows how to ignite the fires

that to my essence stay.

O, sweet the wond'rous song she sings!

How beautiful her carol rings!

O, sweet the song...it nurtures me

and opens up my heart to see!

O, that she knew the precious way

to which, my soul, she speaks!

She evermore, on mountain peaks,

would trump her song away!

O, what the world would beckoned hear;

A hymnal psalm to every ear!

Every man on earth would be

blessed to hear her melody!

As the trees and flowers sway

against an autumn breeze,

she has swayed my soul with ease;

A marvel to this day.

And though mortality oft stings;

Her tender, wond'rous carol brings

a meaning that is meant, to me,

the very point I choose to be!

by Chris Schleier, Jr.

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