EJM (27th June,1984 / Zambia, Kabwe)

I Hear My Heart Breaking

I hear my heart pounding vigorously in my chest
I swear I can almost hear it in my ears
The sound is all so familiar
I have heard it so many times before
It's the sound of my heart breaking
It's okay… I am not unraveling or wallowing
I gave this my best
I gave everything in my heart to make this work
It's hard to hold on to memories when the heart you are trying to hold on to is already gone
I think he was in love with the idea of me,
Just not in love with the real me.. Flaws and all
In my heart I try to hold on to the good memories,
But even they trouble my thoughts so
I smile the pain away and deep down I hope,
That this will make it hurt less
I made the choice to walk away,
Rather than watch myself die slowly
I hoped that this would not be the case this time around,
But I think we were doomed from the start
I gave this my best, all my love
I have no regrets...
And that's why I will not shed any tears

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A refined poetic imagination, Elizabeth J. M. You may like to read my poem, Love And Iust. Thank you.