Pilgrimmage To Amarnath (Himalayas)

The local boys sling stones on the cops.
The terrorist ‘cross the border hops.
A mild earthquake shivers.
Cloud-bursts flood the rivers.
Still we trekked to His abode which tops.

by Rajendran Muthiah

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........a most interesting write ★
I beg to differ everybody is entitled to there own opinion however i think that the fly buzz was her conscience letting her know that her individualism is going to die in this poem her 'me' in most cases because she is about to get married to the king which is her (husband) and shes giving away her self because once she is married her last name is gone and will be dead because he was name comsumed her with marriage and his life
How can this poem be rated so low? Dickinson is a great writer with some transcendental-like views. The image of the fly shattering the moment- shattering the ideal way to die is incredibly disturbing. Or it occurred too me that flies are usually associated with something sinister (Lord of the Flies) and that the fly blocking her view of the light is an omen.